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What Is Whitesale?

FarmKoin is offering early investors the opportunities to participate in its whitesale. During the whitesale, only 500,000 tokens will be offered to early buyers at a giveaway price of 5 USD per token. Individual individuals can buy up to 1,000 tokens per transaction with minimum of on 40 tokens per transaction. It must also be borne in mind that booking link will be provided by the company; however FarmKoin will only approve purchase requests based on availability of tokens.

Why Buy From White Sales

Buying from the White Sales affords you the opportunity to get the token at a lower price of 5USD/ token as against the listing price of 10USD/Token. This implies that the holders will have made up to 100% profit by the time the token is listed on the exchange towards the end of 2022. Buying from the whitesale grants interested individual the opportunity to be part of the few privileged investors to participate in the white sales of FarmKoin.

How to Participate in FarmKoin’s Whitesale

Participation is easier than you think

  • Create a profile on the platform.
  • Log in to the platform and book the number of tokens you want to buy and wait for approval or allocation of the token to you.
  • After receiving the notification of approval, proceed and make payment within 6 to 12 hours after the approval, through any of the accepted cryptocurrencies in your portal.
  • Await confirmation of transaction.
  • Voila!