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Agriculture holds a big potential in Africa’s better future, with the industry projected to hit and exceed 1 Trillion USD in trade volume by 2030. Investment in Africa’s Agriculture is a big solution to the world’s food problems and since the governments of countries cannot solve all these problems alone, it is important to create platform for individuals and corporate organizations to explore the opportunities without being limited by finance, space and time.

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Problems and Challenges of Agriculture Finance

Africa’s agriculture is grossly underfinanced, with about 90% of food produced in the sub-Saharan Africa’s region coming from women, most of whom are poor and do not have access to finance1 to access modern farming techniques. Some of the challenges with investments into agriculture in Africa include but not limited to:

Our Team

Meet the team behind the success of the project.

Emmanuel Mezoh Dolakeh

Technical Lead

- Liberia

Libor Stybr

Team Lead

- France

Dr Joshua O Awesome

Administrative Lead

- South Africa

Thebault Vaclav Stybr

Business Expansion Lead

- Czech Republic

Falade Olusegun

Marketing Lead

- Nigeria

Isaac Rich

Systems and Data

- Ghana

Paul Muteru

Agricultural Lead

- Kenya

Samuel Jesh

Operation Lead